My name is Stacey Nickel and I am the creator of Dreads ‘n’ Threads.  Dreads ‘n’ Threads was born in September 2015 when my son was nearly a year old. The company has changed a lot since its creation and is continually growing and changing to meet the needs of myself and my little family.

I started Dreads ‘n’ Threads as I have always loved doing friends dreadlocks and sewing. I wanted to become a work from home mum so that I would be around for my son, Alfie.
It has been the best thing I have ever done. I am so happy spending my days working on dreadlocks or sewing.
My clients are all wonderful and are a massive reason why I love my job so much. So if you are one of my clients already I would like to say a massive thank you for choosing me to do your hair or create beautiful clothes for you. It is an honour.
If you are thinking of using my services I am looking forward to hearing from you and adding you to my growing list of happy clients.

When the company first started I was taking in clothes to be altered and repaired,  was in the process of designing and making my first clothing collection and of course, creating and maintaining dreadlocks.
Over time I realised I didn’t like doing clothing alterations and repairs so stopped doing them. The dreadlock maintenance and creation services I offer are growing more and more popular so I now have hardly have time to work on my clothing collection. This has not been forgotten about though, just put on hold until my son goes to school and I have more time.
I still take on commissions so if you have an item of clothing you would like made then please feel free to email me to discuss this.