My name is Stacey Nickel and I am the creator of Dreads ‘n’ Threads.  Dreads ‘n’ Threads was born in September 2015 when my son was nearly a year old. The company has changed a lot since its creation and is continually growing and changing to meet the needs of myself and my little family.

I started Dreads ‘n’ Threads as I have always loved doing friends dreadlocks and sewing. I wanted to become a work from home mum so that I would be around for my son, Alfie.  In the beginning I was designing a clothing range and doing the dreadlock work to fund this. I soon realised that my passion and joy were ignited far more by creating and maintaining dreads than by sewing so the dreadlock work took over and now I rarely have the time to create clothes. 

I have had dreads myself on and off for over 12 years now and have a wealth of knowledge that I have learnt over these years. I have learnt to dread by trial and error on my own hair and on my very patient ex husbands hair.  Currently I am doing some career development with Seienstyle to learn some new dreadlocking techniques that are gentler for both myself and my clients. I have also done some training with the amazing Jordan from Elemental Locks. 

I work from my lovely home in Bristol as this works well for my son and I. I have a dedicated Dread Studio in my home that is calm and welcoming. It has a super comfy chair for you to sit on while work on your hair and I stock lots of dread related products for you to purchase from Shampoo’s and hair oils to beads and hair ties.   Its also great for bad energy days as I can nap in between clients if needed.  A few years ago I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.   As a result of this I currently  work part time and it can sometimes take a few days for me to reply to emails and messages. Especially if my energy levels are really low.  So please bare this in mind if I dont get back to you staright away.