Price Increases

Hi everyone,

Its been a while since I have updated my website bloig and I feel a bit sad that the first update in so long is to inform you all that as of April 6th 2022 my prices will be increasing. I have thought long and hard about doing this as I am so aware that the cost of living has shot up so much over the last few years and I havent wanted to add to everyones burden. However, just like everyone else, my living and business exspenses have also increased and are still continuing to rise so I have no choice but to raise my prices. You can find my updated price list here :

The price increase will come into effect on Wednesday April 6th 2022. All appointments booked for April, May and June between now and the 5th April will be charged at my current rate of £25. So book in now to take advantage of my lower rate!

Devon Tour

I had a wonderful time on my dreadlock tour of Devon last week. I travelled over 300 miles in my trusty van with faithful van cat Luna and got to see some beautiful places and meet some wonderful people along the way. 

First stop was Exmoor and Landacre Bridge, one of my faveourite places in Devon.  Luna and I had a lovely morning there before heading to Appledore to meet my first client Imo. Imo has been coming to see me for a couple of years now so it was lovely to see her in her natural environment.  She took me to Appledore Burrows to do her dreads. It was beautiful! Luna had a great time exploring and chasing bugs while I gave Imo’s partial locs a good tidy and created a few new dreads with extensions, then I decorated them with yarns and charms. 

Next stop was meeting Jon. Jon is the talented man behind ThreadLOXX. A loctitian and artist, he creates the beautiful ToggleLOXX and ButtonLOXX that I stock in my studio and that you can order from Etsy.  Its always good to meet a fellow Dread Doctor and chat about the trade. 

I headed to Exmouth after that where I tidied regular client Ellie’s roots. Ellie has been a regular client since she was living in Bristol and its an honour to still do her dreads now. 

The final stop on my tour was 3 days with the wonderful Sarah creating her dream dreads. It was a massive job and so rewarding. This was Sarah’s 3rd attempt at having dreads and hopefully these ones will be here to stay.  I created 53 sublime locs with bespoke extensions. We had a wonderful time getting to know each other and there were loads of laughs. I am looking forward to returning in September to tidy them up and spend more time with my wonderful new client. 

Here are a few pictures of the work I did while away and a few highlights of my trip. 


Human Hair Accent Dreads

I am really happy to announce that I have developed a lovely new product  for you to purchase.   I have been a busy Bee and  getting creative in between appointments to develop and create Accent Sets of dreads made out of top quality 100% human hair.  These sublime accent sets can be orderd in any thickness andlength and can be used to add colour and or volume to your exsisiting dreads. They can come with a loop at the end so you can thread them over your exsiting dreads and secure them with a braiding band,  I can make them double ended or sew them onto a clip so they can be clipped in and out of your loose hair when wanted.  These dreads can be braided into loose hair and used as a plastic free and biodegradable alternative to synthetic hair dread extensions.  I can make them in any colour that I can order the hair in. Alternatively I can dye some hair for you to get the colour you want if you want them to be a crazy or funky colour. These hair dyes are only temporary so I recommend that you take the extensions out before washing them to make the colours last longer. 

If you are interested in ordering some Accent Dreads from me then please message me via here or my facebook page for a chat and to get a quote about your ideas.  Lets work together to make your dream hair a reality. 


New Products in Stock

Have you heard of the amazing ToggleLOXX and ButtonLOXX yet created by the very talented John from ThreadLOXX?

These beautiful dread ties are handmade in Devon and I am pleased to be an offical stockist.

You can pick up your own ToggleLOXX or ButtonLOXX when you come in to get your dreads created and maintained. They come in lots of lovely designs and are available in a variety of different woods so I am sure there will be one here that you fall in love with.  

If you want to mail order one direct from ThreadLOXX then you can purchase them here



New Service Announcement

Hello everyone! 

I am super excited to have launched a new Dread Wrapping Service.  You can now book in to get your dreads wrapped with yarns and charms and beads added to them.   It costs £20 for 30 minutes and this includes up to 2 yarns per dread and one charm or bead per dread (selected charms and beads only).   I have a massive selection of yarns, beads and charms  for you to choose from.  I also have some extra special dread charms and removeable dread wraps available to purchase that I have made with love myself. 

How will you decorate your dreads? 


Welcome Luna!

In addition to moving to a fabulous new home in September,  we also had a new member join our family – Luna the cat.  She is super friendly but also fiesty in the way that cats can be.  

When you come to get your hair done she will come and say hello and probably want to climb on you. She absolutely loves having her head scratched but she will let you know if she has had enough.  Quite often she will just want to sit on you and not be stroked. 

If you do not like cats, just let me know and I can shut her out of the studio. 

If you are allergic to cats please make sure you take an antihistamine before your appointment. 


We Have Moved!

Oh my goodness, how on earth has it been so long since I created a blog post for this website?! This has been such a crazy year for all of us.  I don’t know about you, but my mental health and emotions have been all other the place due to Corona Virus and the uncertainty of the future. 

Something amazing and positive happened for my son and I in September 2020 though. We finally found our dream house to rent. We have been so so lucky!

No more living in a flat on a busy main road with no garden!
No more living and working from one room!

We finally have the peace, space and community we have been craving. 

Along with the new house came a couple of extra rooms, one of which I have lovingly turned into a dedicated Dread Studio!

Thats right folks, when you come to see me to get your sublime dreadlocks created or your dreads tidied up you now get to come and relax in my new Dread Studio. I have a super comfy and adjustable barbours chair for you all to sit in.  Its made of leather so its super easy to clean between clients to help keep you safe during these crazy times.  I have tried to make the room as relaxing as possible for you to help ensure you have the best possible experience while you are here getting your hair done.   I am really looking forward to welcoming current and new clients back into the studio after the end lockdown the 2nd. It has been a bit of a lonely room without you lovely people in it.   

Stay safe my friends  x 



Website updates

I have just finished creating and updating a new section on the website all about ammendments  to procedures and new hygiene practices I will be putting into place while the pandemic is going on. Please check out the link below to see what those changes are.  I have also added a page to explain what you can expect duing your appointment over this period until things are able to return to normal. 

Covid -19

Covid-19 Hygene Course

I am pleased to let you know that I have completed the Barbicide Covid-19 Hygeine course to ensure that I am able so work as safely as possible during these times when I hopefully return to work next month. 


Priority Waiting List and Return To Work Plans

Hello all, 

I hope that you are safe and well.  Its been a very long and tricky few months hasn’t it? 

I am very much looking forward to returning to work after July 4th in accordance with goverment guidelines as I have missed you all so much!

I am in the process of formulating a plan on how I can work in a way to keep us as all as safe as possible. Things will be a little different for a while as I will only be able work while my son is at school which will  be two days a week. I am feeling into working Saturdays as well, but I have to make sure I have adequate rest days so my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome doesn’t flare up again. The days I wont be working, I will be with my very lively son who needs a lot of attention and lots of outdoor time which I find very tiring.  As soon as I know which days my son will be at school I will start contacting everybody that needs to be resheduled to get them booked back in. 

I have opened a priority waiting list for people who pay a deposit for work over the next few weeks and I will contact them first as soon as everyone that needs to be resheduled has been. 

More updates to follow. 

Stay safe and stay well my friends!