Changes to cancellation policy due to Corvid-19 lockdown

To all my wonderful clients,

We find ourselves in strange and worrying times.  Being in lockdown means that I am sadly unable to keep your appointments. Have no fear though, you will not loose your deposits. 

All deposits are still non-refundable but I am being more flexible on my 14 day rescheduling policy.  Because times are so uncertain you will have up to three months to reshedule. If you haven’t resheduled after three months you will need to pay a new deposit.

For those of you that were booked in before my price increase on 8th April 2020 do not worry,  you will still pay the original price you were quoted. 

As everything is so uncertain at the moment this policy will be reguarly reviewed and updated if necessary.

Take care everyone and please stay inside! 

Look after yourselves and look after each other.

Much love,
Stacey x

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