Devon Tour

I had a wonderful time on my dreadlock tour of Devon last week. I travelled over 300 miles in my trusty van with faithful van cat Luna and got to see some beautiful places and meet some wonderful people along the way. 

First stop was Exmoor and Landacre Bridge, one of my faveourite places in Devon.  Luna and I had a lovely morning there before heading to Appledore to meet my first client Imo. Imo has been coming to see me for a couple of years now so it was lovely to see her in her natural environment.  She took me to Appledore Burrows to do her dreads. It was beautiful! Luna had a great time exploring and chasing bugs while I gave Imo’s partial locs a good tidy and created a few new dreads with extensions, then I decorated them with yarns and charms. 

Next stop was meeting Jon. Jon is the talented man behind ThreadLOXX. A loctitian and artist, he creates the beautiful ToggleLOXX and ButtonLOXX that I stock in my studio and that you can order from Etsy.  Its always good to meet a fellow Dread Doctor and chat about the trade. 

I headed to Exmouth after that where I tidied regular client Ellie’s roots. Ellie has been a regular client since she was living in Bristol and its an honour to still do her dreads now. 

The final stop on my tour was 3 days with the wonderful Sarah creating her dream dreads. It was a massive job and so rewarding. This was Sarah’s 3rd attempt at having dreads and hopefully these ones will be here to stay.  I created 53 sublime locs with bespoke extensions. We had a wonderful time getting to know each other and there were loads of laughs. I am looking forward to returning in September to tidy them up and spend more time with my wonderful new client. 

Here are a few pictures of the work I did while away and a few highlights of my trip. 

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