How much does it cost?

Please follow the link to my Price List

What method do you use to create dreadlocks?

I use the backcomb and crochet method to create dreadlocks. This is a quick and neat way of starting new dreads so your dreads will look nice from day one.  Some other techniques are rip and twist, backcombing, waxing and neglect. These techniques take a lot of time to process into dreadlocks and I don’t recommend them.

How long does my hair have to be?

Your hair needs to be at least 3 inches to be dreaded. However, short dreadlocks require a lot more maintenance and can look quite scruffy as you are unable to tie them back.

How much length hair will I lose?

As your hair locks up you can lose a good couple of inches

Do I need to do anything to my hair before you can dread it?

Please ensure that your hair is clean and dry.  You can wash it the day before with residue free soap. If you don’t have any, then washing up liquid will do.

Can I wash my dreads?

Yes you can. You need to use residue free dreadlock shampoo that you can buy on line. Do not use conditioner on them. It is better to wash your hair in the morning so you have enough time to dry them throughout the day. Dreads can take a long time to dry and if you do not dry them properly they will start to smell….YUK!  The best way to dry to them would be to wrap them in a big towel for a while then blast them with a hair dryer.

Can I dye my dreads?

Yes you can, but you will need a lot more hair dye. If you have not had your hair dreaded yet then it would be easier for you to dye your hair first to ensure an even coverage.  If your hair is already dreaded then take your time to gently squeeze the hair dye into each dread. You need to make sure that you wash out all of the dye properly to prevent even more damage to your dreads.  It is a good idea to wash your hair the day after you dye it to ensure you have removed any residue.  Be extra careful with bleach as it will weaken your dreads and can cause them to start breaking off.  Do not condition your dreads after dying them. You can moisturise them with coconut oil or Argon oil if they feel dry.

Should I use products like wax in my dreads?

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don’t do it.  Wax and locking gels do not help your dreads lock up any quicker and can actually hinder the process.  They can even make your dreads harder to keep clean and smell.

How do I maintain my dreadlocks?

Your dreadlocks will need quite a lot of maintenance at the beginning to help them lock up. You will need to palm roll and root rub them regularly. You can find videos on how to do this on YouTube.  After a settling in period of a few weeks you will need to wash your dreads regularly with a residue free shampoo. I recommend that you come back for an epic tidy at least 6-8 weeks after you first have your dreads created, then a root to tip maintenance session another 6-8 weeks after that.  

If your dreads feel dry you can moisturise them with coconut oil or Argon oil after washing them. Do not use conditioner on them.

My hair has been recently dreaded and it’s REALLY itchy. Why? How can I stop this?

The itching is part of the process I am afraid. It will get better.  It is probably caused by your hair being parted in ways in which it is not used.  If it is really driving you insane you can try the Knottyboy peppermint cooling scalp spray

What if I don’t like my dreads, can I remove them?

Dreads are a permanent hair style. If you are not sure if you will like them then I highly recommend that you have some temporary dreadlocks installed to see if you like them. You can remove dreadlocks but it takes ages, is fiddly and can hurt!

Where can I buy hair for permanent dread extensions?

From me! 

How long do human hair extensions last for?

If you buy good quality hair and look after it, they should last for several years.  They will need regular maintenance especially if you have bleached hair.

Can you install synthetic dreads? If so how long does my hair have to be and how long do they last?

Yes, I can install synthetic dreads.  Your hair will need to be a minimum of 3 inches long all over. They can stay in for up to three months. Then you should remove them and let your hair have a rest before having them re-installed.

Where can I get synthetic dreads from and how many will I need?

I do not make synthetic dreads myself. I recommend that you buy wool dreads from Funra fings and kanekalon dreads from Issy Loves Dreads

There are also lots of beautiful sets on Etsy.

You will need a minimum of 40 dreads for a head of dreads. If you want to have a fuller look you will need more.

How do I maintain my synthetic dreads?

You will need to wash them with residue free shampoo. When you have taken them out I recommend giving them another wash in cool water and letting them dry thoroughly so they can be stored in a clean state.

Do you travel to appointments?

Yes I do.  I will travel in the Bristol area for free. If you live outside of Bristol then there will be a charge for travelling to you.

What days do you work?

I am first and foremost mum to my beautiful son Alfie and I work around his needs. Because of this I only work part-time and offer appointments on the following days:


I can sometimes do smaller jobs in the evenings so please request this when contacting me to book an appointment.
I can work some Sunday’s but they will be charged at double time.

How do I book an appointment?

Please message me through my Facebook page Facebook page, email me @ email me or call me on 07501657141.
I require a 50%  non refundable deposit to secure your appointment but we can discuss that at the time of booking.

How long will the appointment be?

The length of your appointment will depend on what you are having done.
Root to tip tidy – allow 3 ½ hours
Roots only – allow 2 hours
Full head dread install – Allow a minimum of 8 hours. Because of this your appointment will need to be over 2 days during the week.
Synthetic dread installation will take from 2 hours onwards again depending on the length of your hair.

What do I if I need to cancel or rearrange and appointment?

You need to give me a minimum of 14 days’ notice if you want to cancel or rearrange your appointment.

Can I bring a friend/relative/dog with me while I get my hair dreaded?

Yes, you are more than welcome to bring someone with you while you get your hair done. You can even bring your dog as long as they are house trained.

What happens if I get head lice?

Don’t panic!! There are several different methods you can try to get rid of head lice without resorting to that stinky old shampoo that you get from the chemist.

Method 1. 

Soak hair in mouthwash which contains alcohol for half an hour. Wash out well. Repeat 3 days later. 

Method 2.

Soak hair in a Mix tea tree oil (10 drops), peppermint (10 drops), pint of cider vinegar, table spoon of cayenne pepper for half hour, wash out well. 

Method 3.

Soak hair in a sink filled with white wine vinegar and tea spoon of cayenne pepper. Put a plastic bag over your hair and wrap it in a towel and leave to it in as long as you can. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat on day 7 and 11