How to book an appointment

You will first need to message me to discuss any work that you want doing and to get a quote.  Once this has happened I will send you my appointment list. Then you need to:

1. Let me know what date and time you want and what level of maintenance you are after.

You can find the services I offer and the prices on my website Www.dreadsnthreads.Co.Uk
If you are unsure of what you need, I am happy to help you so please ask.

Epic tidies and root to tip tidies need to be booked for a 9.30am or 12pm start time.

2. Wait for me to confirm that the date and time you have chosen is available.

3. Pay your deposit

When booking an appointment with me you need to pay a 50% deposit (minimum £20) within 24 hours of reserving your slot.

Once you have paid your deposit you need to email:

With the following information

Phone number :
Appointment date:
Appointment time:
Amount paid:

If you are unable to pay the deposit within 24 hours the appointment will no longer be reserved for you. I do not chase people up about this as I do not have the time. If you have reserved an appointment and not paid the deposit after 24 hours please contact me to book another appointment before paying your deposit.

Please wait until you can pay the deposit before reserving an appointment

Please wait until I have confirmed that your chosen slot is reserved before paying your deposit.

As appointments get booked up so quickly I advise that you choose a couple of dates so that if one of them is not available we have other options.