How to prepare for your appointment

You have booked your appointment to get your dream dreads created, or you are treating your locs to some love and care with a maintenance session.  But you are wondering what, if anything you need to do before you come to your appointment, or if you need to bring anything along with you to your session with me.  Well, here is all the information that you will need. 

Preparing your hair 

If having new dreads created you need to come with clean, dry and brushed hair.  You need to wash your hair with a residue free shampoo.  A specialist dread shampoo is best to use, but if you dont have one, washing up liquid will do the job.
I recommend using the Dreads UK shampoo to start with if you are having new dreads created.   This shampoo really helps your new dreads to lock up.  I have tested it on my son’s hair and it works amazingly well! 

If you want to dye your hair, do this before your appointment. 

Once your dreads are established you can change to another shampoo if you would prefer. I really like the Knotty Boy shampoo bars. They come in lots of different yummy fragrances.  You can purchase them from here.

If you are coming for a maintenance session you need to have clean and dry hair.  I cannot work with wet hair as your hair is weaker and may get damaged during the maintenance session. 

What should I bring? 
  • Appointments can be long so please feel free to bring work, a book etc with you incase you want something to do. I have films we can watch and spotify so we can listen to music.
  • No shoes are allowed on in my house so please bring slippers if you get cold feet. 
  • Food and Drink – there are some great places near me to buy food if you forget to bring any with you.  I am just a few minutes walk away from St Marks Road and there is a fabulous deli in Sweatmart there that sells amazing indian food if thats your vibe. 
  • Money to pay the remaining balance of your fee. There is are ATM ‘s on St Marks road or you can also pay me via bank transfer. 
  • My home is smoke free but you are allowed to vape while here. 
  • If you want to smoke then you can use my garden. Please put your ciggerette butts in the ashtray.  
  • If you want to keep going out for ciggerettes then your appointment will take longer and you will be charged for the extra time.