Human Hair Accent Dreads

I am really happy to announce that I have developed a lovely new product  for you to purchase.   I have been a busy Bee and  getting creative in between appointments to develop and create Accent Sets of dreads made out of top quality 100% human hair.  These sublime accent sets can be orderd in any thickness andlength and can be used to add colour and or volume to your exsisiting dreads. They can come with a loop at the end so you can thread them over your exsiting dreads and secure them with a braiding band,  I can make them double ended or sew them onto a clip so they can be clipped in and out of your loose hair when wanted.  These dreads can be braided into loose hair and used as a plastic free and biodegradable alternative to synthetic hair dread extensions.  I can make them in any colour that I can order the hair in. Alternatively I can dye some hair for you to get the colour you want if you want them to be a crazy or funky colour. These hair dyes are only temporary so I recommend that you take the extensions out before washing them to make the colours last longer. 

If you are interested in ordering some Accent Dreads from me then please message me via here or my facebook page for a chat and to get a quote about your ideas.  Lets work together to make your dream hair a reality. 

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