Price Increases

Hi everyone,

Its been a while since I have updated my website bloig and I feel a bit sad that the first update in so long is to inform you all that as of April 6th 2022 my prices will be increasing. I have thought long and hard about doing this as I am so aware that the cost of living has shot up so much over the last few years and I havent wanted to add to everyones burden. However, just like everyone else, my living and business exspenses have also increased and are still continuing to rise so I have no choice but to raise my prices. You can find my updated price list here :

The price increase will come into effect on Wednesday April 6th 2022. All appointments booked for April, May and June between now and the 5th April will be charged at my current rate of £25. So book in now to take advantage of my lower rate!

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