Seienstyle Dreadlock Training

I am really happy to announce that I have started learning a new method of creating and maintaining dreadlocks with Ann-Marie of Seienstyle Dreadlocks in Stockholm. 

After years of using the method I currently use to create and maintain and dreadlocks I have been struggling with repetative strain injuryin my wrists and the pain of constantly stabbing my fingers with the crochet hook.  If I wanted to have any longevity to my dreadlock career and be able to grow my business further something had to change. 

Seienstyle has been on my radar for a while due to the amazing dreadlocks Ann-Marie creates – if you haven’t seen them check out her website or her instagram.  Then Ann-Marie started teaching her method online and in person and after a lot of consideration and research I decided to sign up. 

I am mainly learning online but the other week I was really lucky and went to Amsterdam for the weekend to do some hands on training with Ann-Marie herself. It was an amazing and inspiring weekend.   I have never been in a room with so many other Loctitians or strong business women.  I came away with so much new knowledge, not just on how to create and maintain dreadlocks, but also how to run and grow my business. 

The new technique I am learning is so gentle on my body and on clients heads. I am so exited to be learning with Ann-Marie and to be able to start implimenting the new techniques I am learning into my daily working life. 

Keep your eyes peeled on here, my instagram and/or facebook page over the coming months for any hair models I may be looking for and to see my progress. 

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