Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions before booking your appointment.  Paying the deposit for your appointment means that you agree to the terms listed below. 

Booking, resheduling and cancelling appointments
  • All booking deposits will be 50% of the quoted price or a minimum of £30 – Which ever one is the greatest. 
  • Please pay the remaining balance of your appointment fee by cash. There is an ATM on St Marks Road. Please ensure you bring the cash with you to your appointment.
  • Until your deposit is paid your appointment is not secure
  • Deposits need to be paid within 24 hours of booking the appointment otherwise I will offer the slot to the next person who wants it. 
  • All deposits are non refundable 
  • If you want to reschedule or cancel the appointment you need to let me know 14 days before hand.
  • If you reschedule the appointment more than once you will need to pay an admin fee of £30. This is payable before I will reshedule the appointment.
  • If you don’t turn up for your appointment or repeatedly cancel at the last minute you will need to pay the full amount of money for the work being done at the time of booking your next appointment and that amount is non-refundable
  • Deposits are paid in cash or via bank transfer.  I do not use PayPal 
  • Until a deposit has been paid no appointment is guarenteed and I reserve the right to turn down any work discussed at any time. 
  • Once your deposit has been paid, I reserve the right to cancel your appointment and refund your deposit at any time. Although I will endeavour to make sure all work is completed as agreed. 
  • All prices are quotes until I actually see your hair.
  • If your maintenance appointment over runs because of the amount of work that needs doing you will be charged £30 per hour after on top.
  • If having  human hair extensions added to your dreads I need to colour match your hair at least two weeks before your appointment to give me the time to purchase the hair. If this has not been possible your appointment will need to be resheduled and a new deposit paid.
  • You may pay for work to be done in interest free non refundable instalments. Please contact me to arrange a payment plan.
  • If paying by instalments and you change your mind the money is non-refundable.
  • If we are doing your hair over more than one appointment you  need to pay a deposit for each appointment and pay for the work carried out at the end of each appointment. 
  • If you think you have Covid then please let me know ASAP and take a LFT. If your test is positive then I am happy to reshedule your appointment and carry over the deposit to your new appointment even if this is within the 14 day reshedule and cancellation period. 
  • I am mask exempt so will not be wearing a mask for your appointment. 
  • If you wish to wear a mask then please do so but they are not manditory.
  • I will reguraly open the window in the studio to let in fresh air.  If the weather is warm enough the window will stay open or we can do your hair outside in the garden.
  • I will clean the studio between appointments and reguarly clean all tools and equipment. 
  • I will clean my bathroom everyday and between clients.
  • Please use the paper towels in the bathroom to dry your hands after washing. 
  • You are entitled to one free 30 minute consultation in person with me about your hair.
  • If you wish to come back for further consultations these will be charged at £30 per hour 
Time keeping
  • Please be on time to your appointment. If you are late we may not be able to finish the work on time and you will have to book and pay for another appointment to get the work finished.
  • If you are going to be late can you please let me know  as depending  on how late you are going to be the appointment may need to be resheduled and a new deposit paid. 
  • If you are late and the appointment over runs you will be charged for the extra time at a rate of £30 per hour 
  • Please do not arrive any earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment. 
  • If you are really early then please wait until its time for your appointment before knocking. There are plenty of nice parks, cafes and pubs around the area where you can go while you wait. 
  • Once our appointment is over plesase leave promptly.  
  • If you are waiting to be picked up then please wait outside or go to one of the many nice parks, cafes and pubs around the area until your lift arrives.
Code of conduct during your appointment
  • Please arrive for your appointment sober. If I suspect you are high or intoxicated you will be asked to leave and will be charged the remaining balance of your appointment.
  • Please do not being alcohol to your appointment as you will not be allowed to drink it. 
  • If I suspect you are taking drugs in my house you will be asked to leave immediately and will be charged the full amount of the appoinment regardless of how much time you have been here. 
  • If you are rude, aggressive, disrespectful or threatening in anyway then you will be asked to leave and I will not work with you again in the future. You will be charged the full amount of the appointment regardless of how much time you have been here.
  • If you have headlice you must reshedule your appointment. If done within the cancellation period of 14 days you will not loose your deposit. If done after this time you will need to pay a new deposit. 
  • If I discover you have lice while I am doing your hair I will stop immediately. You will need to pay for the full appointment then book back in to have the work finished when you are absolutely sure all of the lice are gone.