We Have Moved!

Oh my goodness, how on earth has it been so long since I created a blog post for this website?! This has been such a crazy year for all of us.  I don’t know about you, but my mental health and emotions have been all other the place due to Corona Virus and the uncertainty of the future. 

Something amazing and positive happened for my son and I in September 2020 though. We finally found our dream house to rent. We have been so so lucky!

No more living in a flat on a busy main road with no garden!
No more living and working from one room!

We finally have the peace, space and community we have been craving. 

Along with the new house came a couple of extra rooms, one of which I have lovingly turned into a dedicated Dread Studio!

Thats right folks, when you come to see me to get your sublime dreadlocks created or your dreads tidied up you now get to come and relax in my new Dread Studio. I have a super comfy and adjustable barbours chair for you all to sit in.  Its made of leather so its super easy to clean between clients to help keep you safe during these crazy times.  I have tried to make the room as relaxing as possible for you to help ensure you have the best possible experience while you are here getting your hair done.   I am really looking forward to welcoming current and new clients back into the studio after the end lockdown the 2nd. It has been a bit of a lonely room without you lovely people in it.   

Stay safe my friends  x 



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