This price list is just a guide. Your hair is as unique as you and your style there for prices will vary a lot depending on what you want done. All prices are a starting point and are based on work being done on a whole head. If you only wanted half a head or less the price will be adjusted accordingly. This list is not exhaustive, if you can’t find a price for what you want then please contact me via email or  through my Facebook page.

I have a minimum payment of £30 and I require a non refundable deposit of 50% of the quoted price (minimum £30) to secure your booking. The deposit is payable within 24 hours of making your reservation. If you do not pay your deposit within 24 hours your appointment will be put back on the availablilty list.  If you want to reschedule or cancel the appointment once you have booked it you need to let me know 14 days before hand. Please read my full Terms and conditions before booking your appointment.



Root to tip tidy no root tie – £120 for up to 4 hours, then £30 per hour there after
Root to tip tidy with root tidy – £150 for up to 5 hours, then £30 per hour there after 

Roots only no root tie – £60 – for up to 2 hours, then £30 per hour there after
Roots only with root tie – £90 – for up to 3 hours, then £30 per hour there after

Epic tidy up no root tie* – £150– for up to 5 hours, then £30 per hour there after
Epic tidy with root tie* – £180– for up to 6 hours, then £30 per hour there after

*An Epic Tidy Up will need to be done if you have new dreads that haven’t been tightened properly yet or if  your dreads love each other so much they have decided to join together in a big  dready cuddle puddle so lots of work will have to be done to separate them again. You will also need to book an epic tidy if you have  really thick hair with loads of dreads, or really long dreads or if you haven’t had anything done to your dreads for so long you look like you have spent the last five years in bed! Or if your dreads have started to break off and need re-attaching.

Natural Dreads:

Short (above the shoulders) – From £300
Medium (shoulder length) – From £400
Long (mid back) – From £500
Very Long – From £600

Permanent Dread Extensions:

Short – medium – From £750
Long – From £850
Extra Long – From £950
These prices include the cost of the hair needed to make the extensions.

Extensions to existing dreadlocks:

£30 per hour plus the cost of the hair needed to create the extensions.
You will need to have maintenance done before the extensions can be added. This could take up two days.


Price of dreading your hair plus £30 per hour to reattach your previous dreads.

Dread thickening:

£30 per hour plus the cost of the hair which you can purchase from me.

Install of synthetic or felt dreads:

£30 per hour – you will need to supply your own dreads. Please see my FAQ’s page if you want to know where to get them from.

Dreadlock Unpicking:

£45 per hour

Dreadlock Wrapping and Decorating:

Dreadlock wrapping services –  £20 for 30 minutes. This includes up to 2 different yarns per dread and one charm or bead*

Dread beads:  from 30p. I have a massive selection of beads for you to choose from and a selection of handmade dread charms that I have made with love myself. 

Removeable  dread wraps – From £12 (can be worn in undreaded hair

Decorations for Undreaded Hair

Faerie hair sparkles: 6 for £5
                                             13 for £10
                                             20 for £15

Hair feathers: £5 each, buy two, get a third one free

Dreadlock  Extensions

I can make you a custom set of dreadlock extensions from top quality 100% human hair.  Prices for this service vary depending on what you would like so please email for a chat about what you would like me to create for you.  I can make single and double ended temporary extensions that can be added to your exsisting dreads to create more volume and/or add colour without having to dye your own hair.  I can create extensions on clips that you can clip in and out of undreaded hair as you wish and I can also make you permenant extensions that can be added to the ends of your dreads. You can either come to me for them to be fitted or I can post them to you for you to fit yourself.